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Information about Taghazout

Internationally renowned amongst travellers and surfers for its laid back pace, easygoing atmosphere and world class waves, Taghazout is a unique gem on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. Conveniently located 40 min from Agadir international airport it’s a short hop (2-3 hrs) from most central European cities. It’s the closest place for any European surfer to get year round warm water, perfect waves and a unique cultural experience


The Berber people originally resided in the foothills of the surrounding mountains and used the village purely as a place to store their fishing equipment. As the Spanish increased their hold on the area in the 19th Century, factories and Mosques were built in order to house the Berber people and the village grew into a larger community. Nowadays Taghazout is a multi-cultural haven, with residents from all over the world and a mix of the retired wealthy, to the modern day hippies waiting for the next wave.

Surfing is now the common theme for visitors. Morocco is famous for its long right hand point breaks; thoroughly consistent and generally uncrowded. The most famous of which is a little to the north. In the right conditions this point can take you on a 2 km ride, starting at Anchor Point, joining up with Hash Point and ending on the beach break at Panorama’s. There are several other in and around the area making it an ideal destination for all levels of surfer. The waves work best between September to April especially for advanced surfers, receiving similar conditions to that of mainland Europe, but with the warm waters of the Moroccan Atlantic up to 21 degrees.The rest of the year, the surf is good for beginners and intermediate

Eating & Drinking

with French, Spanish, Jewish and Arab influences a rich garnish on the culinary traditions of the Berbers. Arab influence was the first to be felt and is by far the most dominant.

A common traditional Moroccan dishes which you should try is Tagine (a mini cone-shaped clay oven stuffed full of vegetables, seafood, or meat and then steamed over hot coals). For those with less exotic tastes, there are ‘western’ dishes available.

Taghazout is a dry town; no alcohol is available to purchase. However it is not outlawed in the town and is readily available in Agadir, a short bus or taxi ride south.



geographical coordinates: 30° 32′ 24″ North, 9° 42′ 0″ West
geographical location: Agadir, Sud, Morocco, Africa
original name: Taghazout

Mediterranean climate with Atlantic influence, with mild winters and hot summers. Because the coast is sheltered by Cap Ghir and surrounding hills, sunshine is virtually guaranteed in the Agadir region, with over 300 days of sunshine per year!

The winter air temperature seldom drops below 22C during the day, and the water temperature averages 18C.

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